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  Overhead Crane
Safety Training Kit


 Unlimited certifications, $299


SafetyHead provides a complete safety training kit for the company that wants to train, evaluate and provide certification for its overhead crane operators. The kit contains everything needed to fully satisfy OSHA safety training requirements.


Along with the up-to-date training material, SafetyHead provides easy to use "presentation" software that allows the instructor to present training guidelines in an interesting and visual format. The PPT presentation contains the latest information regarding OSHA, manufacturer, and industry engineer safety guidelines. If you don’t have access to a computer, don’t worry. The kit also contains a written Instructor’s Manual that guides you through the training process. And best of all, its all OSHA-compliant.


Now you don’t have to spend a large amount of money and waste days of travel sending your employees to off-site training facilities. Simply purchase the program, read the material, and then start your training. 

Our "One Cost" Policy
SafetyHead offers a "one cost" policy on all training kits. That means, for one low cost you can train as many employees as you like. We give you the software to create new documents when you run out of what is included in the kit. For example; when you run out of wallet cards (there are 20 included in the kit) you simply insert the CD-ROM, select "wallet cards" and print as many as you like. This means you don't have to re-purchase materials every time you run out. That cost alone could exceed $300. 

Train and certify all of your employees for one low cost!



Do-it-Yourself Training Kits
Our safety training kits are in use at workplaces all across the country. SafetyHead has been selling safety training kits for more than 8 years and has attracted a wide variety of clients. Manufacturing plants, contractors, schools, municipalities, power providers and many more industries have incorporated our safety kits into their safety programs. They are OSHA-compliant, easy to use, and cost up to 90% less than providing traditional training. Our most popular do-it-yourself kits are:

Aerial booms and scissors, Forklifts, Backhoes, Bobcats, Scaffolds, Excavations, Fall Protection, Confined Space...and many more!

For more information on our full line of safety training kits Click Here

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